THBC was established in the early 1990’s with the intention of creating a platform for the local young people to take up the game of badminton, diverting them away from anti-social activities.

Since the inception THBC has made significant progress over the years which are evident from our regular activities, overwhelming subscriptions and excellent track record.

THBC is very much a multi cultural badminton club with members from different racial backgrounds and age groups, although majority of the members are predominantly from Bangladeshi background due to the clubs location.

Our success includes, four teams competing in the Middlesex County league including division one, our players representing Middlesex in the county matches, our excellent track record of winning various competitive badminton tournaments held in different parts of the country.

We have also successfully completed a friendly badminton tour to Bangladesh in 2001/02, where we had participated in competitive friendly matches in three districts and we have developed a friendly relationship with the Bangladesh Badminton Federation in the process. We have been nominated best local sporting organisation by Canary Wharf and Tower Hamlets Sports Council.

Our regular activities and continued success had attracted local media attention, our news has been published in the news papers and TV channels and we had representations in local TV chat shows.

Although we are generally a self funding club, but we are grateful to RB Agencies, Awards for All, and Canary Wharf, for sponsoring and supporting some of our activities over the years and we hope to work in partnership with them in the future.

We are member of Badminton England and Middlesex County Badminton Association and we are grateful to them for their support. Our main major initiatives at present include, creating awareness among young people, encourage them to take up the game of badminton and provide professional training to help attain their full potential and participate in the mainstream badminton.

Our short term objective is to win Middlesex County League in the near future and our long term ambition is to develop players of National standard who would represent England in world badminton one day.